DJ R Dub! – his own Sultan (9 photos)

1 December 2023

Some people are looking for new experiences when traveling, others prefer a relaxing beach holiday. And this man’s endless trips gave him food for thought - should I become a sultan?

Randy Williams, better known as R Dub! - a DJ and radio host from San Diego, even in his youth he set a goal for himself - to travel around the countries of Central and South America before the age of 40. As a result, the man was able to become one of the few (there are approximately 250 people according to official data). He visited 193 UN member countries.


There is no need to think that Williams took off unexpectedly, without plans. He carefully planned all trips, drawing up schedules and tables. Departures occur during vacations, paid time off, and public holidays. The traveler earns enough: in addition to his main job at a radio station in California, Williams has his own business. He is not used to spending money on material goods, but invests exclusively in his hobby. Therefore, there are enough funds.

Randy's favorite country where he would like to stay for permanent residence in the future is Brazil. He lived there happily for two years. French Guiana holds the record for the shortest stay time – the day of arrival became the day of departure. According to the DJ, the most hospitable were the Filipinos, and he tasted the most delicious food in Lebanon. Not the most pleasant memories remain of Argentina, where the DJ ran into scammers.

The list of curiosities includes a detention in Nauru, where customs officers mistook a man for a journalist secretly obtaining information and, together with representatives of the migration service, interrogated him for an hour in a small, cramped room without windows. In Morocco, when visiting a Turkish bath, Randy counted on a host of young oriental beauties scrubbing his relaxed body with gentle fingers. What he got was an ancient old man in swimming trunks, intently scrubbing his skin with a dish sponge.

In Cayenne I almost got punched in the eye for taking a photo. I found a mountain of discarded things on the street and realized that these were the belongings of the traitorous guy, which the girl threw right out of the window. But he didn’t take into account that the owner of the things was two steps away and decided to kick the ass of the tourist making fun of him.

Now a Sultan

Vivid impressions inspired Randy to make an unexpected decision. He bought a plot of land in the desert in Southern California for $19,000 and organized his own state, Slowjamastan. The republic has a capital, Dublandia, which in fact is the old office desk of its head. It has its own monetary unit - double. And the national music is hip-hop from the 90s. The borders of the improvised country are guarded by biting raccoons.


However, a loyal person can not only get to Slowjamastan, but also become its citizen. To do this, it is enough to submit a correctly completed form to the Sultan. At the moment, the republic's population is 500 people and a dozen dogs. But several thousand more applications are waiting in line to be processed. And don't laugh, because Randy's idea may reach such a level of development that we will still be lining up to visit his brainchild or even stay there forever.

It's serious

Without money you can't go anywhere

Are you still thinking?

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The Sultan
The Sultan
2 December 2023
Thank you for this glorious report of our nation!
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