This simple but effective design will save your house from flooding (7 photos)

14 August 2023

Due to the increasing frequency of extreme weather conditions, all more homeowners face the threat of flooding. Traditionally sandbags are used to protect against water, but there is another, less a labor-intensive alternative that has proven to be effective. aquadam- these are large plastic pipes that, when filled with water, create flood barrier.

AquaDam is an innovative flood barrier that is a plastic pipe filled with water.

AquaDam installed around two houses in Natchitoches, Los Angeles

It would seem a simple idea, but when in 2016 a resident Texas Randy Wagner put such a dam around his house, neighbors took him for a lunatic. Randy came a long way to Louisiana to pick up AquaDam. He needed help to fill the pipe two people, but the work was worth it. When the Brazos river flooded, his house stayed dry.

"I was considered crazy. Everyone passed by and laughed above me. But today they were really impressed by this dam," told Randy on a local news release.

It is used by homeowners as an alternative to sandbags.

The man spent $ 8,300 on protection, which is quite justified itself. "For me $8300 is a small investment in a house, which could go half a meter into the water, and repairs would cost me 150,000 dollars," the American said.

The concept was conceived in the 1980s by David Dulaghe. Now such structures are used not only by homeowners, they are installed on construction sites, as well as on the sides of highways to keep roads open during emergencies.

Plastic dams around the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant to prevent flooding by the Missouri River

AquaDam installed along a Texas highway after Hurricane Harvey

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