The moment of collision of ships in the waters of the Kerch Strait during a storm (mat)

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30 November 2023
The moment of the collision of the vessels “Sailor Shevchenko” and “Sailor Pozynich” in the waters of the Kerch Strait during a recent storm has appeared online. Giant waves knocked three ships into one pile at once: “Sailor Shevchenko”, “Sailor Pozynich” and “Kavkaz-5”.

Footage has appeared online showing the moment of a ship collision in the Kerch Strait during a storm.

The ship "Sailor Shevchenko" weighed anchor in the port of "Kavkaz" and tried to go out to the open sea. But due to strong gusts of wind, it fell onto the “Sailor Pozynich”, which was unable to dodge the blow, and together they were carried towards the motor ship “Kavkaz-5”. Only 20 minutes after the collision, the ships were able to move away from each other to a safe distance. The story ended happily. There are no casualties among the people.

The published footage shows one ship moving towards the other. “Normal, normal,” says the author of the video. When the man realizes that an accident is inevitable, he comments: “But now it’s not normal.” Then a bang is heard.

There is profanity.
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