Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers destroyed a nest of Russian drone operators in a 5-story building in the Kherson region

30 November 2023
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In the Kherson region, Russian occupiers set up positions right on the balconies of a five-story building and launched drones from there. Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters destroyed the enemy “nest” with a precise drone flight.

Ukrainian defenders used drones with explosives, which flew into the “balcony” positions of the Russians.

“Attacks on the positions of Russian drone operators on the left bank of Kherson. The enemy is actively using this high-rise building for sorties, since the left bank is low, and it is not so easy to find a normal position,” Sternenko wrote.

“The operator of the 126th Terrestrial Defense Brigade, together with the 79th border detachment of the State National Security Service, broke the Russian nest,” Sternenko added.

After the Ukrainian master class, Ivan’s office moved to the cemetery.
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