Not the most successful photos of furry bandits who were not expecting the paparazzi (11 photos)

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29 November 2023

How can you not take pictures of your cat in different poses, places and angles?

The Internet is replete with the cutest photos of fluffy cats lying or sleeping funny. But there is another side to our pets, which only their owners can guess about. When they do crazy things. If at this moment a camera is in the hands of the owner, you get such funny photos!

"How is this even possible?"

"We bought a blouse for the cat. Does it suit him?"

"He was yawning and I took a photo of him. Great photo, my favorite!"

"Head shot visually"

"One second before falling!"

Perhaps this cat can deserve the honorary title of the strangest cat in this collection

All attention on the kitten

You won't believe it, but he's kind-hearted

There were no casualties!

"This cat's name is Ciri and she really loves slippers!"

Do you have photos of your cats in strange states? Share them in the comments!

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