16 cases of going to the hairdresser that turned out to be a complete disaster for clients (17 photos)

29 November 2023

A trip to the hairdresser can give not only positive impressions associated with a successful image change, but also a sea of tears. After all, not all hairdressers are honest with gullible and often helpless people who have entrusted them with their precious hair.

Some people have insufficient experience, but do not want to admit it, while others want to turn their client’s hair into a field for creative experiments. Of course, you should never rule out occasional mistakes by a hairdresser. However, for the unfortunates who said goodbye to their normal hairstyle, this fact does not make it any easier.

"What I wanted and what I got"


The girl said that her bouffant was so high that it almost reached the roof of the salon. It is immediately obvious that the craftsmen did their best.

"I have the worst hair"

A poor girl

This looks bad

Even the bangs are not straight

Yes it happened

He didn't deserve this

You just have to feel sorry for this guy. His sad look says a lot. Such curls were ruined.

All you can do is laugh (and maybe cry a little)

We'll have to fix this somehow

A complete nightmare

I cried for two days. My worst nightmare has come true. Now I have to spend another 100 bucks to fix it.

Expectation and reality

Symmetry? What other symmetry?

This, according to the hairdresser, is curtain bangs

Length is damaged

I don't know why, but I even tipped the hairdresser $15 because I felt so bad.

This pain in the eyes cannot be hidden

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