“He always supported us”: relatives gathered around the hopelessly ill Bruce Willis (5 photos + 1 video)

27 November 2023

Later they posted photos and videos of the “tough nut to crack.” Unfortunately, he lost a lot.

Bruce Willis is one of the most famous Hollywood actors. He starred in many films and earned tens of millions of dollars. But neither fame nor money saved him from a serious illness.

In March 2022, Willis announced that he was retiring from films due to the fact that he has dementia and cannot remember the words of his role. Later, his relatives reported that the actor could no longer read or write. Bruce was found to have serious damage to the cerebral cortex and the disease was rapidly progressing.

Yesterday his family gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving. Bruce was with them. One of his daughters posted a photo hugging her father:

And this is a sad video. It is clear that this is a very bad nut to crack:

But his wife remains optimistic and is counting on new medications for dementia:

The first improved treatments for dementia are currently in clinical trials, actively recruiting participants, she says.

And he believes that new medications will pull Willis out of the whirlwind of dementia. The wife never tires of reminding everyone that Bruce has always been a support for her and her daughters. And now it’s their turn to help the weakened father and husband. Who knows, maybe the new medications will really work and at least the actor won’t turn into a vegetable. As long as he has a loving family next to him, there will be hope.

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