The artist discreetly draws people in the subway, and then gives them portraits (11 photos)

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27 November 2023

As a rule, on the subway we see gloomy faces staring at a smartphone or a book. And Puerto Rican artist from New York Devon Rodriguez wanted to decorate this gloomy place with the smiles of people. He discreetly drew people on the subway, and then gave them portraits and filmed their reactions. Of course, the mood of the passengers instantly skyrocketed. After all, not every random person from the metro gives you your portrait. And very talentedly done!

Cheerful "fox"

How much happiness there is in these eyes!

Men also blossom when they see their portrait

Just look at the bright emotions!

It's so nice when an artist pays attention to you

After receiving the portrait, people's faces literally light up

It's not often that you see such open joy

Just a photographic resemblance!

This guy looks embarrassed but happy

Gratitude and joy are visible to the naked eye

Surprise and joy are the main emotions that the artist gives

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