The crane operator managed to save a builder from the roof of a building engulfed in flames

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25 November 2023
In the British city of Reading, a crane operator saved a construction worker from the roof of a burning 16-story building. Footage of the rescue was captured on video.

Crane operator Glen Edwards, 65, was able to evacuate a construction worker from the roof of a 16-storey building that was engulfed in flames.

It is reported that the fire started in a building under construction; at that moment there was a worker on the roof. As a result, Glen Edwards brought the boom of a crane with a platform to the place where the man was located and rescued him.

The footage that spread on the Internet shows a man standing on the roof of a building, huddled in a corner, fire creeping up to his feet, black smoke billowing around him. At this moment, the crane operator brings the platform towards him, the builder barely climbs into it, after which the boom removes the worker from the fire to the applause of colleagues, emergency services workers and passers-by who watched what was happening from below.
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