30 photos of animals with very large ears (31 photos)

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22 November 2023

Nature is amazing and full of surprises. For example, individual parts of an animal’s body have some important function, and may look unusual at the same time. Large ears help animals in the wild dodge predators, regulate temperature and find their own kind. Also, the big ears on animals are adorable! Let's take a look at some of these cutest eared creatures.

1. Big-eared fox

2. Long boy

3. “They keep telling us that soon he will grow up and his ears won’t look so big.”

4. “And my long cat is 7 years old today!”

5. Long-eared bat

6. 3-month-old rabbit with big ears

7. Dearest fennec

8. “My new kitten has huge ears. I’ve never seen anything like them.”

9. “Our dog has big ears, but he can make them even bigger.”

10. Adorable little ear

11. 9 month old cat

12. Maine Coon kitten

13. “We always thought our ears wouldn’t grow that much.”

14. Well, hello

15. You can never have too many ears

16. House fennec

17. “I don’t understand why her ears don’t stop growing.”

18. Miracle!

19. Another big-eared fox

20. “I listen to your compliments.”

21. Eared puppy

22. Domestic caracal

23. Nice gentleman with ears

24. Wild hare

25. “Maybe stop taking pictures of us?”

26. Bilby is a cute animal

27. Serval. They have the largest ears in proportion to their body size of any cat.

28. Artistic donkey

29. Aardvark at the Zoo

30. Koalas have big ears too!

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