15 famous buildings that took an impressive amount of time to build (15 photos)

Great sights, built not so long ago or, on the contrary, many, many years ago, stun the imagination. Looking at them, you understand that enormous efforts and resources were spent on their construction, the main of which is time.

Sometimes architects and builders had to spend hundreds of years to bring their planned project to the ideal, where every little thing and every detail plays a huge role. Thanks to them, today we have the opportunity to enjoy the views of pyramids, majestic cathedrals and amazing sculptures. Let's find out how long it took them to create such majestic and inspiring structures.

Colosseum - 8 years

Country: Italy

Such an impressive structure as the Colosseum was built in a surprisingly short time. But perhaps we shouldn't be surprised, since the ancient Romans were world-class builders.

Taj Mahal - 20 years

Country: India

It took about 20 thousand workers and 1000 elephants to build the giant marble building.

Parthenon - 9 years

Country: Greece

The rectangular building, 31 meters wide and 70 meters high, was erected from white marble. Inside it was a large statue of the goddess made of gold and ivory.

Pyramid of Cheops or Great Pyramid of Giza - 20 years

Country: Egypt

According to the theory of scientists, more than 100 thousand people took part in the construction.

Eiffel Tower - 2 years

Country: France

The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 Universal Exhibition in Paris, which was held to celebrate the centenary of the French Revolution.

Forbidden City - 14 years

Country: China

Statue of Liberty - 10 years

Country: USA

The Great Wall of China - about 2300 years old

Country: China

The first construction of the wall took 10 years. However, in subsequent centuries, the structure underwent constant repairs, destruction and expansion.

Colossus of Rhodes - 12 years old

Country: Greece

The construction of the giant statue took only 12 years, but it did not last long, just over half a century. Was destroyed by earthquakes. Today, the place where the sculpture once stood looks quite ordinary. However, it is still visited by many tourists from all over the planet.

Notre Dame Cathedral - 182 years old

Country: France

Leaning Tower of Pisa - 200 years

Country: Italy

The construction of the tower was carried out in two stages and lasted for such a long time due to long breaks between work. And the famous tilt of the tower arose due to a design flaw associated with insufficient foundation depth.

St. Peter's Basilica - 120 years

Country: Vatican

Milan Cathedral - 579 years old

Country: Italy

More than 180 famous architects, sculptors and artists took part in the construction of the cathedral. Leonardo da Vinci and even Napoleon Bonaparte also had a hand in creating the structure.

Sistine Chapel - 8 years

Country: Vatican

The Sistine Chapel is not particularly beautiful from the outside. This design is not accidental. In those days there was there was a high threat of invasion from Florence, and therefore it was decided to strengthen the building and make defensive structures.

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