The black man did not understand the command and attacked the policeman

18 November 2023
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Camden County, Georgia. On Monday, October 16, 2023, at approximately 7:30 a.m., a Camden County Sheriff's Deputy pulled over 53-year-old Leonard Cure while driving on Interstate 95 near the Georgia-Florida line for speeding. 100mph and reckless driving. The policeman immediately started yelling at him to get out of the truck. Cure comes out and says that he is not going to do anything. The curé asked if there was a warrant for his arrest. The deputy again tells him to put his hands behind his back or he will be tased. He also tells Cure that he was arrested for speeding over 100 mph and careless driving. Cure is tased, and while the deputy asks him to put his hands behind his back, Cure begins swinging his arms and the two begin to fight.

Curé then appears to have one hand either on the policeman's throat or in his mouth and the other on his back. The officer tased Cure a second time and used a baton before pulling out a gun and shooting Cure in the abdomen. The curé fell to the ground and the policeman said, “Shots fired!” on the radio and called for help. At least a dozen medics and officers arrived on the side of the highway within minutes. Several first responders performed chest compressions on Cure for several minutes before loading him into the ambulance. In 2020, Cure was released from a Florida prison after he was wrongfully convicted of armed robbery in 2004. He was sentenced to life in prison, but authorities reviewing his case in 2020 concluded he had not committed a crime. Cure was awarded $817,000 for false imprisonment.
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