The man jumped out of the window onto the car and calmly went about his business

18 November 2023
The owner of the damaged car decided to find the would-be extreme sportsman himself.

A resident of Krasnoye village in St. Petersburg spectacularly went out onto the street, landing from a third-floor window onto a parked car. Judging by the recording from the surveillance camera, the man did not suffer any serious injuries after the hard landing. He rolled onto the sidewalk and went about his business carefree.

It is noted that the incident occurred on the night of November 16 on Lenin Avenue. There was a significant dent on the roof of the damaged car and a cracked windshield. It is known that the owner has not yet contacted the police. According to media reports, he is independently trying to find his extreme neighbor using recordings from video cameras. As for the culprit of the incident, he did not go to local hospitals. Doctors reported that patients with injuries typical of a fall from a height did not contact them.

Local residents say they heard someone shouting “jump” on the night of the incident. There were some jokes about the untimely return of her husband
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