What food turns into when it is forgotten for a long time (18 photos)

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13 November 2023

What does food become when it is forgotten for a long time? In the trash, captain, case closed! Perhaps you can’t argue with such logic, but the authors of these photographs discerned curious metamorphoses in spoiled products. Not in all cases can one immediately guess “what it was all about.” Let's take a look at these transformations.

The egg dried out at the bottom of the glass measuring cup, turning into an oddity.

Pickles that were forgotten for 30 years

An egg kept in a salt-alkaline solution for several months

This is how the “Hundred Year Egg” dish (a popular Chinese snack) is prepared. However, apparently, they went a little overboard with the exposure here.

What happens to cotton candy if you leave it in a bag for a long time in a hot climate?

The forgotten apple turned completely black

The drink turned red after accidentally freezing. It was originally yellow-green

This is what happens to instant noodles if you forget to add water to them and leave them in the microwave

A cucumber that is not picked in a timely manner turns into a yellow giant

Transformation of pasta if you cook it for a very, very long time

Frozen olive oil

Beautiful salt crystal formed from soy sauce

The chocolate has turned white with age. It hasn't been opened for two years

This usually happens due to high humidity. This chocolate can still be eaten.

Coffee that was unfortunate enough to be forgotten

A bottle of wine that has been sitting in the freezer for some time

A huge sugar crystal has grown at the bottom of a maple syrup jar.

If you did not manage to consume peanuts in a timely manner, be prepared for the fact that they will soon sprout

This is what happens to an orange if you leave it in a very dry climate.

This is what a can of cola looks like, which rolled under the driver’s seat last summer and traveled 4-5 thousand kilometers.

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