An English farmer spent 11 years building a castle for his sheep (13 photos)

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1 November 2023

In the 1980s, an English farmer decided - why not build an old-style castle for his sheep? Now this grandiose structure is being discussed and visited with might and main. The house is now abandoned, but is perfectly preserved.

This is Colin's Barn, a stone house built by English farmer Colin Stokes in the 1980s. It looks like people lived there, however, the castle was intended solely for keeping sheep. The structure is located in the town of Chedglow, England, and became known about it in 2010 - it was found by local urban researchers. Since then, the media began to write about this place, and tourists have chosen it. Although the building is now abandoned, it is still often visited.

The two-story house, more like an ancient fortress than a barn, is hidden among the fields. Due to its unusual architecture, locals also call it the “Hobbit House”. Colin Stokes built it alone, using mostly stone he found in the area. It is known that it took him 11 years to build. When a nearby quarry opened up and threatened to disturb the peace of the farm, Stokes abandoned his plot. In 2000 he moved to Scotland and the sheep house remained abandoned. Now only birds live in it.

The castle is in relatively good condition, which indicates a good quality of construction. In one interview, Stokes said that he sometimes slept on the second floor of the house, guarding his sheep. According to him, he initially did not plan the design in the form of a castle, but “got a little carried away.” In addition, the talented farmer also made the stained glass windows inside the building with his own hands.

Take a look at this unusual sheep castle:

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