Confectioners have released marmalade with the taste of a fictitious fruit (2 photos + 1 video)

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27 October 2023

The Japanese confectionery company surprised sweet tooth lovers with a new chewing marmalade with the taste of Kiraspica fruit.

And if this is the first time in your life that you hear such a name, then do not be embarrassed - very many people, almost everyone, have not heard of Kiraspika. The fact is that such a fruit does not exist at all. It’s just that the confectioners from Kanro decided to go beyond the tastes that already exist in this world and came up with something new.

By the way, Kiraspika has an interesting origin story. It grows in a certain mountainous region of Blue Knife, where in winter the temperature drops to minus 50 degrees Celsius. This fruit is difficult to collect, as it ripens on the night of the full moon during the winter solstice. In this case, the fruit explodes, and its pieces fly away at a speed of 300 meters per second. A direct hit to a person can be fatal.

So, everything is more or less clear with the Chiraspico legend, but what is its taste? Confectioners have thoroughly experimented with different flavors, so those with a sweet tooth can’t even decide what the new marmalade reminds them of.

Some compare the delicacy to an energy drink, others to a spiced apple, and still others to cherry marmalade. However, there are a lot of opinions. But the main thing is that people liked Kanro products. So even if Kiraspica doesn’t exist, it really should have been invented.

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