Charming girls and hot beauties we played as in games of the 90s (21 photos)

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9 October 2023

Today we will talk about the beautiful girls we had to play for in popular games of the 90s.


The game "Metroid" was released back in 1986, but we were able to play this game only when the Dendy console and its numerous clones appeared on the market.

Samus Aran is a galactic bounty hunter wearing a powerful super-tech suit created by the Chuzo race. Throughout the game we must collect upgrades for our suit and also fight enemies.

Notably, the game has multiple endings, which depend on how quickly you complete the game. If you complete the game in more than 10 hours, our character will only turn his back. If the game takes less than 10 hours to complete, Samus will raise her hand.

But many gamers who completed the game in less than 5 hours were in for a surprise, because in this case Samus takes off her helmet, and it turns out that all this time we were playing as a girl.

But this was not the end, because if you complete the game in less than three hours, we will see the heroine without a costume, thanks to which we can see her slender 8-bit body.

But even this was not the end. The cunning Nintendo guys made a surprise for the fastest players. And if by some miracle you complete the game in just 1 hour or less, then Samus will appear before us in a bikini (open swimsuit), showing us her gorgeous (albeit 8-bit) body. For this reason, it was worth completing the game in just 1 hour.

By the way, I made a separate video about different endings in games on the Dendy console. I recommend watching it.

By the way, in modern versions of the Metroid game the main character looks something like this.

Mortal Kombat 3 (Ultimate)

The "Mortal Kombat" series of games was distinguished by the fact that the characters for the game were not drawn by hand, as in the same "Street fighter", but were played by live actors, who were then digitized for the game.

And already in the first part we are met by the only female fighter, namely the young operative Sonya Blade, who agreed to take part in the tournament in order to save her squad from captivity. This role went to fitness instructor Elizabeth Malecki.

Elizabeth Malecki

But still, the most beloved and desired Sonya was Carrie Hoskins, who played this character for the third part of the game. Carrie Hoskins was a Playboy model when she was invited to pose for Midway's NBA JAM game. Subsequently, she received the role of Sonya in the game "Mortal Kombat 3", and also participated in the voice acting and motion capture of the same Sonya for other parts of the series and more.

Carrie is truly a very beautiful girl who, even at 50, keeps in shape and looks great, despite having 4 children.

In addition to Carrie, other beauties starred in the third part of the game, such as Becky Gable, who played Kitana, Mileena and Jade, as well as Lia Montelongo, who played Queen Sindel.

Becky Gable

I talked more about the actors who were involved in the third part of the game "Mortal kombat" in my video. I also recommend that you watch it.

Street fighter 2

Despite the fact that there were more than 5 female characters in the "Street fighter" series of games, the main and most basic one is Chun Li, who first appeared in the game "Street fighter 2". And by the way, Chun Li is, in principle, the most female character in a fighting game who you can play as, and not who needs to be saved.

Chun Li's name translates from Chinese as "Spring Beauty"which immediately makes us understand that we are playing for a young beautiful girl, although this is already clearly visible.

What makes Chun Li special is not only her beauty and ability to beat down even strong men. Just look at her powerful thighs. With such legs it would be a sin not to put your opponent on his shoulder blades.

Streets of rage

Also, I just couldn’t help but forget about the beautiful Blaze from the “Streets of Rage” series of games, who appeared in absolutely all parts of the series.

Blaze Fielding worked for the police until she left with her colleagues Adam Hunter and Axel Stone. The reason is simple. They could not work for the corrupt bosses, so the three of them decide to clear the streets of the city from crime and destroy the Syndicate led by Mr. X.

Blaze is a beautiful girl with a wonderful figure, usually dressed in red clothes. Many gamers chose her not because of her characteristics, but precisely because they wanted to play as this charming beauty.

Tomb raider

Naturally, when it comes to strong, independent female characters, one cannot help but recall the charming archaeologist girl Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series of games.

Yes, in the first part of the game Lara is too polygonal, because 3D graphics in 1996 were far from ideal. But even in this polygonality you can see Lara’s beautiful figure.

In subsequent games, Lara's shape was already rounded, which allowed gamers of the 90s to fully enjoy the passage of this game.

Although, in the 2013 reboot, which is essentially the beginning of the young Lara’s career, the creators decided that they should not focus on the curvaceous forms of the heroine, so it was decided to abandon the strong curves.

Which Lara do you like best?

Resident evil

In 1996, one of the most famous survival-horror games “Resident Evil” was released, telling about a group of the S.T.A.R.S squad that ended up in a mansion infested with mutants and the living dead.

Before starting the game, we must choose who we will play for - Chris Ratfield or Jill Valentine. And many chose the beautiful Jill.

Unlike Lara Croft, Jill is not a sexualized character, but despite this she is a very charming girl.

Well, it’s also worth noting that in 2002 a remaster of the game was released with more realistic graphics, where we could study the girl’s appearance in more detail.

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