Missing cat returned to owners after 11 years (2 photos)

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7 September 2023

A cat named Lucy went missing from the Simpson family home in 2012. when she was only two years old. The owners of the animal were looking for her almost ten years, but eventually lost hope of returning the pet.

Suddenly, they received a call from the Animal Welfare League and were told that Lucy was found. “I couldn't believe it. I didn't see my cat 11 years,” recalls her owner Rebecca Simpson.

It turned out that Lucy lived with an elderly woman only five minutes from the Simpsons' house. When her new owner passed away, The cat was taken to the Animal Welfare League shelter. Shelter staff checked her microchip and learned the contacts of her former owners.

“Very rarely do cats come back after 11 years, which confirms the importance of microchipping your pets,” emphasized Animal Welfare League spokesman Craig Montgomery.

Now Lucy is back at home and lives with another family pet, a 17-year-old dachshund named Molly.

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