Enraged sea lion attacked tourists on the coast in California

29 July 2023

On July 23, a group of vacationers on the beach of the La Jolla settlement (the northwestern region of the Californian city of San Diego, USA) was forced to flee from a ferocious sea animal.

One of the holidaymakers captured how two sea lions quickly got out onto land and attacked tourists.

According to media reports, none of the tourists were injured. A young man was found guilty of the incident, who decided to feed the animals in the presence of two young sons, which caused aggression from representatives of the local fauna.

The head of the family ignored numerous signs posted in the recreation area warning of the danger of approaching pinnipeds, which caused the wrath of wild animals, which, apparently, were drugged by seaweed containing the so-called neurotoxin acid, transmitted through the food chain through fish and in some cases causing neurological problems or rabies in the inhabitants of the underwater world.

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