Carving beautiful and terrible (18 photos)

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28 June 2023

This technique is good because it develops fine motor skills (and along with it, and cognitive functions), improves artistic taste, helps to spend free time and decorate the table. And for some carving - this is the name of the art of carving figures from vegetables and fruit is also a way to throw out the negative.

Apparently for this reason, masterpieces turn out to be frightening. However, this aesthetic of fear has its own zest. And also a pumpkin watermelon and even zucchini.

1. Watermelon Kong: Return

2. The grin of fate

3. When dusk falls on the earth, they roll out of them ...

4. The silence of the pumpkins

5. Watermelons attack

6. Frightening primitivism

7. Judging by the expression, the frog may well be poisonous

8 Mother of Dragons: The Beginning

9. The apocalypse began from where they did not expect

10. Jaws - light version

11. Invasion of positive ears

12. Bunny with madmen

13. Scream

14. King of the Night

15. Something creepy

16. Nightmares

17. Joyful horror

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