Millionaire bequeathed mansion and money to her cats (4 photos)

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28 June 2023

American pensioner bequeathed her house worth 2.5 million dollars to the cats she lived with. In addition, for pets set aside an unknown amount.

Nancy Sauer died last year, but Before her death, she made a will, in which she clearly stated: the mansion should be left to Persian cats named Cleopatra, Goldfinger, Leo, Midnight, Napoleon, Snowball and Squeaky.

Nancy's friend said that the essence of the deal was "non-separation" of cats: the mansion cannot be sold until at least one of her pets remains. In addition to the house, the woman left the cats an "unspecified" amount of money to cover their living expenses.

“This is enough to cover the bills for food, medical treatment and cat care. They are young. They are only 5 years old. Persians may be expensive and finicky,” added Sherry Silk, Executive director of the Society for the Protection of Animals.

The cats lived alone in the house for six months. IN at some point, the court decided to move the cats to more a favorable place to live, “so that there is someone to take care of them.” The judge promised that she would make every effort and try to pass everyone cats in one cattery, and then to one owner.

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