25 Hidden Disney References & Easter Eggs (26 pics)

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28 June 2023

Each of us loves children's cartoons, no matter how we denied - there is something in them, from which, when viewed, the soul always it becomes warm. Of course, most people are far from loyal Disney fans who dismantled every cartoon of the studio frame by frame and discovered hundreds of curious "easter eggs" left for them creators. Fortunately, they are not greedy guys and are always ready to share found!

1. Tarzan has a glimpse of the Beauty and the Beast tea set, including Mrs Potts and her son Chip

2. In the cartoon "Rapunzel: Tangled" you can see 3 books based on classic Disney cartoons: Sleeping Beauty, "The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and the Beast"

3 Dumbo the Baby Elephant Appears in Lilo & Stitch

4. And Scar from The Lion King is in Hercules. True, in the form of a skin

5. Jock, Peg and Trusty jumped from Lady and the Tramp to Oliver & Co.

6. And the fathers of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip from "Sleeping Beauty" - in "The Little Mermaid"

7. Nemo can be found in the cartoon "Brother Bear"

8. In Meet the Robinsons, posters for The Jungle Book and Toy Story can be seen in the background.

9. Speaking of The Jungle Book, they are surprisingly similar to Bambi...

10 You Can See Pumbaa From The Lion King In The Hunchback Of Notre Dame - If You Don't Blink

11. This musician from "Cats-Aristocrats" also rocked in "Robin Hood"

12. Judging by the cartoon "Lilo and Stitch", the fame of Mulan from the cartoon of the same name has reached Hawaii

13. Who looked into the underwater kingdom in The Little Mermaid? Yes, it's Kermit the Frog!

14. Pongo from 101 Dalmatians appeared in Oliver & Company (left) (right)

15. But Jock from "Lady and the Tramp" in turn looked into the cartoon "101 Dalmatians" to help the puppies

16 Toy Dumbo Blows Bubbles In The Great Mouse Detective

17. Mickey Mouse himself went to the concert from the cartoon "Goofy Vacation"

18. And in the same cartoon, sharp-eyed viewers noticed the head of a crocodile from Peter Pan

19. The shadow in The Princess and the Frog is eerily reminiscent of Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

20. Also in The Princess and the Frog, a book about Rapunzel flickers

21. And Mickey hid in Frozen

22. Hans from the same "Frozen" is wanted in the "City of Heroes"

23. In "Ralph" two characters from "Rapunzel" flash at once: the horse Maximus and the brutal Vladimir

24. And the main characters of Rapunzel, in turn, looked at the coronation of Elsa in Frozen

25. And finally - in the tower of Rapunzel you can see the spinning wheel, suspiciously similar to the one that pricked Aurora's finger in Sleeping beauty"

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