The man overcame alcoholism and found a calling in rescuing dogs (21 photos)

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12 June 2023

Irishman Niall Harbison is called the "dog hero". Once upon a time the man suffered from alcohol addiction, but one day he was in the department intensive care, he decided to change something in life. That's how it started path to good deeds. He moved to Thailand, where he is now actively saving homeless dogs.

Niall Harbison is from Dublin, Ireland. Some years ago he lived in his hometown, where he owned an advertising company and suffered from alcoholism. One day, when Niall was in the intensive care unit therapy in the hospital, it became a wake-up call for him. According to men, he suffered from anxiety and depression, and "almost got drunk death. "But this crisis forced him to reconsider a lot in life. He decided it was time for a change.

"Before that, I wanted to buy a big house, a new car.. But when I was on the verge of death, I realized that all these things do not have to me values. I promised myself that if I get out, I will save stray dogs," the man said in an interview.

After leaving the hospital, Niall set a goal, sold his company and moved to Thailand. Now he is actively saving the locals. stray dogs, feeds them, assigns them to shelters and finds for them hosts. He feeds about 800 dogs a day. He also monitors that all dogs receive necessary medications, veterinary check-ups, or treatment.

There are now 500 million homeless people in the world dogs. My goal is to halve that figure over the next 20 years. I I believe in a second chance. And every animal deserves it," he said. Niall.

According to Niall, he invests 2-3 thousand in saving dogs dollars per month. He is also supported donations from all over the world. The bulk of the funds go to veterinary examinations, sterilization of dogs and treatment, if any dogs need it. The man plans to create an organization and hire more people to help more dogs.

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