The bull bullfighted rugby players at a Super League match in France

10 May 2023

Before the start of the competition in Perpignan, during the warm-up of the players, so that the audience would not get bored, the organizers decided to hold a small defile of bulls, but not anyhow.

Handsome bulls were the winners of the agricultural exhibition, which was recently held in Paris. During the show, one winner came up with a great idea - to drive rugby players a little, so that the athletes would come in good shape.

While the owner of the bull, proudly holding him by the leash, was dragging his belly along the ground, the beast weighing a ton reminded the athletes who is in charge on the field.

Athletes quickly agreed with his point of view and quickly ran away from sin. And by the way, those who ran faster then beat their opponents 24-12, which was one of the unexpected wins in the league.

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