15 Impressive Macro Photos That Show the Secret Life of Our Little Brothers (16 Photos)

2 May 2023

Photographer David Narvaez works in the genre of macro photography and shows the life of incredibly small creatures capable of literally climb into the eye of a needle or get lost in a flower bud.

Especially strongly the artist loves to play with drops of water and reflections in them, creating colorful illusions, and taking pictures tiny spiders, showing their outstanding smallness against the background objects familiar to us.

Ant drinks water

Spider with a flower

Water drops on glass reflecting a flower

Reflection of a sunflower in a drop

Just look at these faces!

This spider will easily fit through the eye of a needle.

And here is a spider on the tip of a pencil with an eraser

The photographer especially likes to work with reflections in water drops.

bee at work

Hide and seek on a petal

How will he explain his smallness?

At the tip of an oil crayon

tiny lizard

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