18 curious photos that reveal the unknown side of things (19 photos)

16 April 2023

We are surrounded by many familiar things, and over time we we stop noticing them. But many items actually have the other, unknown side. In this post you will see curious photographs that will allow you to look at everyday things under another angle.

1. This is how coal is unloaded from freight cars

2. Tire from the inside

3. Construction of the escalator

4. Fire hydrant with underground part

5. Land Rover device

6. Canon camera

7. Wasp nest

8. Bowling ball

9. Computed tomography machine without outer casing

10. Underwater power cable

11. Gas station underground

12. This is what a tumbleweed looks like before it dries up and travels.

13. Tree fern

14. Pearl

15. Sewing machine in the context

16. Artichokes are a perennial plant. It refers to dessert vegetables. Unopened artichoke buds are edible and tastes like nuts

17. The blowhole of a whale is a kind of nostrils located at the top of the head.

18. Cinnamon that has just been cut from a tree

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