russian invasion of Ukraine. Chronicle for March 13-14

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15 March 2023

In the early hours of February 24, 2022, Russia launched rocket attacks on Ukrainian territory and launched a direct full-scale invasion. APU repulse the enemy

- On these days, 710 Russian invaders became "good"

▪️We managed to identify the head of the operational department of the 4th division, Colonel Denis Gutarov

▪️First Lieutenant Oleg Shakirov

▪️Lieutenant Irek Ishbulatov

In total, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 159,800 Russian invaders

- The Russians fought to the point that they sent a train with imprisoned women to the Donetsk region

▪️Probably, this is how the "geniuses of military affairs" are trying to make up for the terrible losses on the battlefield.

Children and pets get ready?

- Three "unknown" drones circled over the military air defense unit that covers Moscow

▪️Again: three drones. Above the military air defense unit. Almost in Moscow itself. They calmly flew in, took off what they needed, and flew away.

Putin is already on the minus 114th floor of the bunker, and is still running down the stairs. Operation strictly according to plan

- The main threat has been eliminated: in Russia, a borscht recipe from a Ukrainian chef has been banned

▪️Chef Klopotenko's page with the recipe was included in the register of banned sites of "Roskomnadzor" as such that "violates the rules."

That's right, choke on cabbage soup, there's nothing to cook enemy food

- In Moscow, they began to cut down reserves in order to put up ... air defense

▪️S-400 complexes have already been deployed in some parks. Muscovites are horrified, as the phenomenon is massive, and apparently this is only the beginning. Environmental damage — colossal.

▪️But in the Moscow region, air defense was placed at the largest garbage dump in Europe — training ground "Salaryevo", where, in fact, the place of Russian air defense.

Have you already started, or not yet? Goida!

- Russian hachiko? In the Kharkiv region, an occupant was found who had been hiding in the ruins since October 2022

▪️This is a warrior from the 27th motorized rifle brigade, he was found near Kupyansk. He stayed there after the de-occupation of the region and the flight of the Russian army, and, apparently, was waiting for the return of his colleagues.

We do not abandon our own

- Xi Jinping will visit Moscow next week, — Reuters.

It is noted that China's "peace plan" for Ukraine may become the main topic of discussion. Earlier, the Chinese Foreign Ministry did not confirm ( and did not refute the data on the visit of the country's leader on March 21.

- He was supposed to become a deputy minister in Crimea: a Russian agent was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The SBU ( detained the former vice-rector of one of the higher medical educational institutions in Kyiv in May 2022 before he was going to be sent to the “curator” lists of Ukrainian military who are being treated. In 2020, he moved to Crimea, where he was recruited by the FSB, and a month before the start of a full-scale invasion, he returned to Kyiv.

- The Minister of Economy of Serbia called for the imposition of sanctions against Russia.

"Our country is already paying a heavy price for refusing to impose sanctions against Russia. I support the imposition of sanctions", — Basta wrote.

President Vučić's party has already criticized him for these words, saying that the imposition of sanctions will not end the war, so "there is no need for this."

- Poland may transfer MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine within the next 4-6 weeks — Polish prime minister

Planes are getting closer and closer.

- Ukrainian border guards continue to troll Lukashenka's guardsmen.

This time, after the hanged "Valery" they hung a white-red-white flag on the border, forbidden by the mustachioed cockroach regime.

- The Russian Federation advanced by 0.04% of the territory of Ukraine within a month as part of its new offensive, — business insider.

According to map data ( ISW , in the period from January 31 to February 28, Russia moved only 0.039%. At the same time, Russian troops lost thousands of soldiers and military equipment.

- Another anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation — 160 thousand soldiers successfully "demobilized"

▪️Among the identified — festive captain Alexey Darushin

740 invaders liquidated in a day

- And again unknown drones are circling over Moscow

▪️ At least two of these flew at low altitude over a strategic facility at night and flew home unharmed. For the third time in a week

Peveo, are you sleeping?

- In Novaya Kakhovka, partisans roasted one of the main collaborators

▪️13.03.2023 on Pobeda Avenue near the cafe "Smachna Kraina" agent Atesh blew up ( the deputy head of the so-called "Novokakhovskaya military administration" Vitaliy Guru near his car. The invaders admitted the fact.

▪️It is worth noting that this is the second attempt on Vitaly Guru. It is important that the first turned out to be a staging by the FSB of the Russian Federation and "happened" in the summer of 2022

It just so happened that not a single traitor will feel at ease

- Ukrainian soldiers completed training in Germany, during which they mastered the Leopard 2, according to the Stuttgarter Zeitung. Radio Liberty.

- Just a tombstone with a helmet

- The General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces: instructions on the postponement for fathers of large families are not mandatory, but recommendatory. 🤷🏻‍♀️

General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces: Postponement instructions for fathers of three or more children are not mandatory, but recommendatory

Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Yevgeny Burdinsky said this in response to a request from Deputy Nina Ostanina.

"It is reported that the instructions have not ceased their action. At the same time, the instructions are advisory in nature for draft commissions on mobilization", – says in the letter.

Ostanina sent several letters to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. In them, she asked to clarify whether the directive on deferrals for fathers with many children works.

- Propaganda has always worked and will continue to work

- Wow, what smart-ass we are!

- Comrade goblin has always been willing to go back to basics

- Everyone will be forced to zig

- Russians run into rudeness

- Six-year-old gymnast Sasha Pascal, who lost her leg as a result of Russian shelling of Odessa, returns to training

- Titans

Putin and Kadyrov met and began to discuss which studs are better: black or white. Putin says that black ones are better because they are more powerful and solid, while Kadyrov is sure that white ones are more graceful and elegant. Suddenly, Putin began to shake the table strongly, demonstrating how strong and reliable the black studs were. Kadyrov tried to object to him, but Putin grabbed the table like a wrestler and did not let go until the end of the meeting. This is how the meeting of the two main pynyakhodov of Russia took place.


- Record broken

- So that's why they need toilets from Ukraine

- Chichvarkin about the situation of recent days

- From April 1, the Ministry of Defense begins a new recruitment of contract soldiers, the goal is 400 thousand people

You might think before this set was not

- A resident of Moscow wrote a denunciation of an eight-year-old classmate of her daughter for a video where she crushed the painted flag of Russia with her hands against the background of the painted flag of Ukraine

- New portion of the kringa

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