Land in Europe that belongs to no one (13 photos)

14 March 2023

I think many of you have heard the term "neutral waters" and at least roughly understand its meaning. Under neutral waters commonly understood as maritime space, which is not covered by sovereignty of a particular state or states.

Map of neutral waters

That's right, a neutral territory in which absolutely any peoples can be on absolutely equal rights.

What about neutral ground? That is, the same territory (but already on land), which would not belong to any of currently known countries. You say it can't be? And here it can ... Whole 7 square kilometers of neutral land are located exactly between Serbia and Croatia and, formally, does not belong not only to any of these countries, but to no one at all.

However, in 2015, the unexpected happened. Czech Vit Jedlicka announced the creation on this and, it seems, no man's territory of a new states of Liberland. Declared, created and even proclaimed himself president. But, despite this, during the existence of Liberland, not one country in the world has not yet recognized the new formation, and Croatia and totally blocked access. However, Wit Jedlicka does not give up, actively promotes Liberland, drafts the Constitution and even looking for emissaries all over the world.

Vit Jedlicka and Liberland flag

Liberland, located on the land between Serbia and Croatia, is relatively small: nevertheless, it is three times more of the kingdom of Monaco. And the proclamation of its independence took place in Thomas Jefferson's birthday is April 13, 2015.


According to the law, the land on which the new was founded, although still an unrecognized state by no one in the world, did not belong to absolutely nobody. So to say, Terra nullius is "no man's land", no one owned it and he did not express his desire to own. And it was primarily about Serbia and Croatia, which, apparently, this piece of land in was basically uninteresting. There were no disputes for him, it did not happen conflicts, so it is logical that at one point these neutral 7 sq. km passed to someone else. And that someone was Wit Jedlicka.


Cech saw two scenarios. First - do everything according to the law, that is, it will go to the international court and declare desire to occupy this land. But this method takes a lot of time because bureaucracy is bureaucracy. And the second - just create on it country. Which, in fact, he did. Soon there were people who only morally supported this idea, but also decided to invest in new country and help in its development.

Liberland President Vit Jedlicka with future citizens of the state in Bački Monoštor in Serbia

Moreover, everyone involved in the creation of Liberland, categorically reject Serbian or Croatian control and want independence. And, in fact, while they have it, because, as I said above, the country exists only in their own universe. For the rest of the world, Liberland is officially still neutral. land between Serbia and Croatia.


In December 2015, Vit Jedlicka held a meeting where introduced the first provisional government of Liberland, its minister finance, the ministers of foreign and internal affairs, the minister of justice and two vice presidents. In addition, the new state has its own The constitution and even a map of the cadastre of territories. That is, as you can see, Edlichka was set up more than seriously.

Wit Edlicka

What about Serbia and Croatia? Legal experts these two countries agree that the Jedlichka adventure has no legal basis. In addition, many sources confirm that Croatia and Serbia nevertheless claimed their rights to the land, which "captured" Edlicka.

Bridge between Serbia and Croatia near Liberland

Both Serbia and Croatia reject Jedlicka's claims as insolvent, but react to them in different ways. April 24, 2015 The Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has ruled that, despite the fact that that they don't take this whole Liberland thing seriously, "the new state”, however, does not encroach on the Serbian border, which determined by the Danube.

Liberland Government House from the other side of the canal, Bezdan, Serbia

Croatia, which currently controls disputed territory, held that after international arbitration the disputed territory should go to Croatia or Serbia, but in no way third party.

Liberland is a few kilometers behind the fence

By the way, Liberland never received a diplomatic recognition by UN member states. However, Liberland established diplomatic relations with Somaliland, self-proclaimed state that declared independence from Somalia in 1991. Liberland and Somaliland signed a Memorandum of Understanding in September 2017 in order to establish closer relations and cooperation in the fields of technology, energy supply and banking affairs.

Wit Edlicka

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