How many more people can our planet sustain? (5 photos)

14 March 2023

Today, as you know, more than 8 billion people live in the world. Every day the number of people increases by 250 thousand. If this pace persist, then in 80 years there will be 10.5 billion people living on Earth.

International analytical center Global Footprint Network built a mathematical model, according to which, with the current development technologies and the level of resource consumption, the Earth should be inhabited by approximately 4.4 billion people.

It turns out that since 1985 the resources that humanity, are not replenished and dry up. Here comes the waste vital functions, on the contrary, accumulate. It was found that for providing each person with the familiar benefits of civilization 2.8 hectares of land are needed. This is a certain conditional value of productive territories and fisheries that are needed to provide food and materials and to eliminate the ecological footprint.

The global hectare for each country is calculated from standard of living. For a comfortable life, 5.7 hectares are required, Haitian - 0.6 ha, US resident - 8.2 ha. That is, if equal to Haiti, the planet will easily accommodate 20 billion people. But if on level of the average American, then no more than 1.5 billion people.

That is, an increase in the population is an inevitable impoverishment and, even worse, a serious deterioration of the environmental situation. The planets don't upper limit, that is, it is expected that at some point under the influence of economic and social factors the number of mankind will return to normal, and may begin to decline. This will be accompanied global crisis, which will cost the rich countries a little easier, but poor states will feel the apocalypse to the fullest.

When will the population stabilize? By UN estimates that this may happen at the beginning of the 22nd century, when the population for 11 billion people. But the University of Washington believes that this the figure is 8.8 billion people. Predictions based on depopulation developed and developing countries with aging populations.

The most acute demographic aging and reduction number observed in Germany, China, Japan, Poland and more several dozen countries. Up to a certain point, the size of a nation will be maintained due to the influx of emigrants from poor countries.

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