"Dangerous and cute": predators that can mislead with their charming appearance (11 photos)

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14 March 2023

Nature is very inventive and cunning. Imagining a predator we immediately remember the wolf, tiger, alligator, grizzly and other formidable creatures. But in reality, even sharks can be cute. adorable, like cartoon animals from a Disney cartoon. So don't you should be deceived by the charming appearance of these cute predators. They merciless to their prey and ... to people who violate the chain of command.

dune cat

This wild fox cat lives in the deserts of Africa, Arabia and Asia. She is a very dangerous, hardy and ferocious predator.

black-footed cat

She is an ant tiger, a fur terminator and a tiny car of death. This is the smallest wild cat, the lethality of which is rumored. legends. In one night, she manages to catch 14 animals. This length the cat reaches 30-50 centimeters, and its weight does not exceed two kilograms.

pygmy hawk

The African pygmy hawk is still a hawk, albeit a very small (the size of a starling). He is considered one of the smallest predators in the world. With the bloodthirstiness of this bird can compete except for her charm.

nurse shark

The nurse shark is a phlegmatic predator that is quite friendly to people. However, she is merciless to her natural enemies. Unlike other shark species, the nurse shark does not bite its enemies, but as if sucking them in with a sound like a kiss.


Do not be deceived by the pretty appearance of this animal. Actually they are able to kill game more than themselves 10 times. Due to fast metabolism, weasels have to eat half their weight every day. These babies are always hungry and therefore always aggressive.


In appearance, wolverines look like pygmy bear cubs, but their long and sharp teeth in a couple of minutes will tear anyone who disturbs their peace.

Sea leopard

This large spotted blob only looks clumsy. In fact, the sea leopard is one of the largest and most dangerous predators. He is very fast, strong and agile. Mainly attacks penguins, but there are also many cases of attacks on people.

Polar bear

It would be most disrespectful not to mention the polar bear. These big adorable bears are the largest land predators. White A bear is capable of killing an adult human with a single blow of its paw.

wild dog dingo

These wild dogs differ little in appearance from domestic ones, but habits they are much closer to wolves. In Australia they are quite common. flocks attack people.


Gubach looks like a mixture of bear, sloth and dog. sloth bear only in appearance it seems clumsy, but he is able to develop quite great speed. They live in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and island of Sri Lanka, and cases of attacks on people are not rare.

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