Call the sysadmin: non-fictional office stories from employees of technical departments (15 photos)

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14 March 2023

Techies in small companies are just incredible generalists. Maintenance of equipment, setting up networks, solving problems with software - all this is included in their daily work responsibilities. But the main sadness in all this is the stupidity of colleagues in office and techie predecessors.

1. When your techie predecessor specifically gave up on server maintenance

Z.Y. Indifferent admins say that it is "Protective dust".

2. Installation Guru

3. The best container from a bygone era

4. Quite vital

5. The Darwin Award goes to...

6. You are not you when you are hungry!

8. Admin Path...

9. Lenovo monitor with Dell stand

10. When I tried to remove the radiator with a screwdriver

11. Application for remaining PCI covers. Rough but effective

12. Multifunctional

13. One of these days I will unravel

14. What is the backlight technology?

15. When it’s immediately clear from “fast, cheap, high quality” which two options are chosen

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