17 hardworking people who know how to make a fairy tale come true (18 photos)

2 February 2023

Almost all people have old things they just can't throw away. Some think they will need them someday, while others hope that in the future they will turn them into something beautiful. Heroes of this We decided not to wait for the selections, but to create a miracle here and now. look, what wonderful results they got!

We spent a year restoring our backyard

Examples of perseverance and hard work

I decided to polish this brass hare, and here's what happened

I washed the table under pressure

I redesigned the bathroom myself

I counted 5 layers before everything went back to normal

Before and after pictures of our little project

It would have been easier to just buy a new stove, but I decided to do it.

I saved a lot of money

I cleaned and corrected where necessary, and it turned out to be a wonderful table.

This is my favorite hobby, I restore watches

My wife bought an old chest of drawers and made an interesting and modern piece of furniture out of it.

I restored my grandmother's old samovar

The frying pan turned out great.

The second life of an old toy truck

Antique chair from a thrift store. I am very pleased with the result!

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