All-metal "carriage" with a windshield, a glove box and a trunk for the classic Vespa (10 photos + 1 video)

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25 January 2023

Beautiful quality, German handmade Steib style strollers. This stroller even has a great suspension that provides amazing comfortable ride.

Vespa is rightfully considered one of the most stylish scooters ever produced in the world, and perhaps the most popular of all.

Usually scooters were in the form of singles, but there are exceptions, as in in this case - with a side trailer. The "carriage" is installed with an unusual side for us. As they say, it was in England.

Side trailer Cozy Rocket stylized as a rocket takes us to those glorious times when people dreamed of space and dreamed of great achievements, the conquest of other planets, that's all. Of course, you can’t fly into space on a scooter, but its 150 cc two-stroke engine paired with a four-speed gearbox allows you to confidently drive on the roads of our planet.

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