35 weird and wonderful things people wanted to share online (36 photos)

10 January 2023

You can stumble upon unexpectedly cool and interesting things when whatever. And the best thing at this moment is to take a photo! To then not be unfounded and be able to back up your words clear evidence. Otherwise, who will believe?

1. "I shone my flashlight into my new kaleidoscope"

2. In the German water park Kristall Palm Beach, right at the entrance you can see a giant native quartz (7.5 tons)

3. "November 11 at 11:11 I had a pulse of 111!"

4. Is it a bird? No, it's a plane with Mercury in the background

5. This is what wool looks like before it becomes a sweater

6. "Giant ice cream is falling from the sky today"

7. Fabulous decoration on a hill left by frost

8. A mailbox that looks exactly like a house

9. "And the answer is simple: a mirror and an open window"

10. Turtle carrying a forest of moss

11. "I took off the whole glove of glue"

12. Giant basil leaf. Possibly the largest in the world!

13. "A leaf of wood is frozen to the windshield of my car"

14. "The cat on the bag of cat food looks like my cat's twin."

15. The shadow from the ceiling lights looks very familiar.

16. Perfect Angle

17. "Wheel from a cart with a harvest in a small German town for Thanksgiving"

18. A leaf of a tree stuck in the snow draws perfect circles like a compass

19. A tree that lives half in autumn, half in winter

20. Typewriter with separate keys for uppercase and lowercase letters

21. Lawn that looks like a patterned carpet or wallpaper

22. Almost the size of a pack of potato chips

23. Do you think this is a real cat in a backpack?

24. If you want to live, you won't get so upset

25 Beautiful: Ice on a truck wheel

26. Mutant Lemon

27. In Pittsburgh, at the confluence, the river is clearly two-tone

28. "This is what happens when you leave half a head of cabbage in the refrigerator for a long time."

29. "Only popcorn seeds got stuck in the sewer next to the cinema."

30. "It looks like a key that has never been removed from the keyhole"

31. "The old ricotta I forgot in the fridge turned bright purple."

32. "I Vacuumed the Garlic"

33. "That's what happens to expired pizza dough"

34. "Banana lay in a plastic container for 5 years"

35. "My dog took his toy outside and it snowed inside."

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