Independent dog rides a bus to the park (10 photos + 1 video)

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4 December 2022

Dogs are the smartest creatures, and it's no secret. And one dog American Seattle generally travels by bus on his own to take a walk in the park. She has already become a local celebrity.

A dog named Eclipse lives in Seattle, USA. Her many locals know, and not only - this dog rides on its own public bus. The owner of the dog, Jeff Young, lives near bus stop. From the time when Eclipse was a puppy, they owner every day went to a dog park nearby - sat on bus, passed a few stops and got off. Over time Eclipse I'm used to these trips.

Now the dog is already an adult, and he and the owner still travel together walk - but not always. Sometimes the owner can't go for a walk on time, and then Eclipse herself gets on the bus and goes to the park. She is always patiently waits 3-4 stops, and leaves, seeing his own. The host usually meets her in the park. During this time, many regular passengers used to this amazing dog - she even became a local celebrity.

Eclipse was loved by both bus drivers and passengers. They are not miss the chance to greet her and pet her when they see her. Dog, meanwhile, always behaves very calmly and patiently. During On trips, she often looks out the window, waiting for a stop. That's smart and cute creature!

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