A selection of videos of damaged equipment of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. Part 146

24 February 2023
The post contains material for an audience over 18 years of age. Please make sure that you really want to see this and that you are over 18 years old.

A selection of videos in which the Ukrainian Armed Forces, individual detachments and international legions bomb the occupiers and are punished every day. In this collection we will show you videos found on the Internet.

Column of Turkish BMC Kirpi armored vehicles for the Ukrainian military in the East

Kremensk direction

An attempt to attack the Russians with several tank and infantry companies ended in failure for them. At least two Russian tanks were destroyed.

German technology at close range

Unveiling of the new development Manual Air Defense

A separate presidential brigade repels a large-scale attack by the invaders in the Avdeevsky direction

BMP knocked out

Homemade Grad of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Snipers eliminated a couple of Russian infantry soldiers

A nightmare for occupiers and its results. Haymars

4 tanks, 8 infantry fighting vehicles, 1 MTLB destroyed

14 Russian tanks were knocked out by Ukrainian defenders in the forests near Kremennaya

The 3rd separate assault brigade "SSO Azov" demonstrates footage from the Eastern Front

30th Mechanized Brigade Fr. Konstantin Ostrogsky makes minced orcs

The 93rd Division warmed up the orcs a little on such a cold day

FGM-148 Javelin destroys T-90 Breakthrough 3

Artillerymen of the 59th Brigade got rid of the Katsap Osa anti-aircraft missile system

Artillery works in the trenches

In Soledar, the Ukrainian Armed Forces drove the Wagnerites out of the industrial zone

Ukrainian Armed Forces on a jog

Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed Msta-S near Bakhmut

Hide and seek game in Bakhmut

The cavalry has arrived

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