What is this thing: the strangest finds. Issue 194

13 June 2024

We regularly come across things that we cannot immediately identify. All these incomprehensible things excite the imagination and torment you with doubts, but here, as always, experts from the network come to the rescue, who easily and quickly solve all the riddles.

«A round black electronic device on the wall in the room. The ball in the center moves a little."

The device is very similar to a camera. But this is actually a temperature sensor for the air conditioner.

«Wax in the keyhole of the mailbox. What is this for?”

This is probably lubricating wax or lithium grease to make the lock work better and not rust.

"What is this strange socket?"

«Socket» allows you to hide the plug and cable so that they do not protrude and interfere with hanging the TV or any other device as close to the wall as possible.

«An unusual object, inside there is something like red resin. Bought on sale."

This is a homemade decoration that consists of an inexpensive stone filled with epoxy resin. No sacrament.

«Silver sphere with three flat disks. Found after a powerful storm"

This is the top of the flagpole. And the round things — solar powered LEDs.

«Metal handle on the floor. Doesn't move"

A strange contraption was discovered in the dressing room of a shopping center where shoppers could try on clothes. This simple device helps prevent the mirror from breaking, since it does not allow you to drive the cart too close.

“Yellow structure 3 meters high with stairs leading up and inward”

This is a promotional demonstration of a fallout bunker/shelter. The seller unwrapped the device so people could see what the bunker was like without actually installing it in the ground.

“Blue plastic handles with finger grooves and white plastic rope loops”

These are handles for carrying the battery.

«The item is made of red, slightly soft plastic. Slightly larger than a pacifier. What is this?”

This is a drain plug for a toy sink.

«This thing was found on my new property. A rusty sphere with a diameter of about a meter, there is a hole inside.”

This is an old style propane tank.

"Strange wooden structure 2 meters high, what is it"

This is a part of an inclined mechanical press — lathe.

“Mysterious little green thing with a point in the middle”

It turns out that an ordinary glue cap can look so unusual. Yes, that's it!

“Small silicone hexagon with suction cups on each end”

This thing — a rubber dart from a form of darts. Only in this case, at the end of the dart there is not a needle, but Velcro.

«A bag of gray granules was found on a kitchen cabinet. They are irregular in shape and quite heavy.”

This is fertilizer for cactus.
"A small plastic spoon with a suction cup on the bottom"

This is a tool for using contact lenses.

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