A vinaigrette of historical footage from past years. Issue 121

Remember the section “archive photos from the 90s”? It's been a while since we had her on our site. How about we bring her back into the game? But only this time the selection will not be dedicated to the “dashing” 90s. Let's drive a little further and park in the "perestroika" 80s! The era is no less interesting and eventful. Well, let's go?

Julio Iglesias relaxing at his estate, Miami, USA, 1989.

Go for it, beauties! 1988

“Don’t let us down, daughter, listen to the counselors in everything!” Magazine "Crocodile", 1989.

Young Whitney Houston, 1980

Booklet. "Larisa Guzeeva", publishing house "Iskusstvo", Moscow, 1986

Novokuznetsk, May 1, 1982

In the summer of 1986, Finnish television showed the film "Emmanuelle"

People traveled from Southern Estonia to Tallinn and Northern Estonia to see the film. In the picture, people gathered to watch a movie in one holiday home, the gray tube is an antenna used to watch Finnish television

1980 Olympic Games in Lake Placid, hockey match between the USA and the USSR.

Oksana Fandera on the cover of the Soviet Screen magazine. 1989

Professional diver Courtney Brown tows a 17-metre scale model on the set of Raise the Titanic, USA, 1980.

The Titanic model was built for $350,000. When it turned out that it was too large for the water tank where filming was planned, a larger tank had to be built, which cost another $6,000,000.

Andrei Sakharov and Stephen Hawking at the international seminar on quantum gravity, Moscow, May 25, 1987.

Poster "Drunk driving is a criminal!", 1986

"Smooth!". Illustration from the magazine "Crocodile", 1986.

Paulina Porizkova is the highest paid model of the 80s.

Nokia Mobira Talkman 1984 mobile phone with large charging battery.

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