Captivating and unique video shows a deer shedding its antlers

20 January 2020

Usually, with the end of winter and the arrival of spring, deer begin to part with their antlers.

In the breathtaking video below, a male deer sheds his antlers in the middle of the night.

The “unique” footage, filmed at night in Northfield, Vermont, USA, shows how the wild animal, having experienced itching, threw off its horns with a simple shake of its head.

It is worth noting that while many people think that the annual shedding of antlers by deer is a long process, this forest dweller proved that this is far from the case and the process itself can take only a matter of seconds.

The video was filmed by Ann Sivori, who said that the animal was lured to these places by apple fruits that had fallen to the ground. The deer was eating apples, after which at some point he decided to shed his antlers.

This video, posted on the Vermont Fish Wildlife Facebook page, received more than 3 thousand shares and more than 290 thousand views.

Many users praised the Facebook group for sharing a moment that is rarely captured on camera.

“This is amazing, something you will never see again!” — wrote user Shari Shari.

“I always see deer around my house, but I’ve never seen antlers on the ground,” commented Williams Debra.

Let us add that after the mating season, deer have a drop in testosterone levels, which as a result leads to the fact that they lose their antlers in the spring.

Changing hormone levels activate special cells called osteoclasts, which weaken the horns. After this, the process of shedding the bone formations on the head begins.

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21 January 2020
Сбросил рога. Развёлся с бывшей значит big_smile1
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