What can you make from cardboard boxes? (25 photos)

10 January 2018

Evidence that you shouldn't throw away empty cardboard boxes. And not only because the warranty period of the equipment has not yet expired!

1. All over the world, industrial design is already being actively used, allowing the reuse of various materials

2. Moreover, the adjective “recycled” has practically become synonymous with the word “cool”, because this is how we save the planet

3. It would seem that what can be made from cardboard boxes, because they are so fragile?

4. Cardboard has long been used to create bed bases. We haven’t tried sleeping on these ourselves, but they look pretty impressive

5. If you think about it, the most ordinary moving box can usually withstand up to 25 kg, and if the cardboard is multi-layered or reinforced with special materials, it can cope with greater pressure

6. A pet house is the simplest thing you can think of! Cats themselves give us this idea every day, climbing into empty boxes.

7. Home theater for one. Just make a hole for the gadget and enjoy watching

8. A training box will help organize chargers

9. Or spools of thread

10. Box decor is a separate topic for a post. These make a lot of cool storage containers.

11. A sofa that doesn’t take up space when assembled

12. Shoe shelf. Ideal if you have recently moved into an apartment and have not had time to buy everything you need

13. You can sit comfortably on this chair in the garage.

14. For storing things

15. Designers actively use corrugated cardboard to create installations and even furniture. This material has many advantages: lightness, low cost


16. Children will be incredibly happy when you make houses for them from a material that they won’t be afraid to break.

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