Unique models of Soviet cars that never existed (50 photos)

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16 October 2017

Have you ever seen a “eared” Zaporozhets station wagon? What about the four-door “humpback”? What about Chaika pickup or ZIM coupe? Meanwhile, such cars exist, but, however, only in 1/43 scale.

The cars collected in this gallery were made by collector and owner of golden hands Alexey Khlystunov from Tyumen. As a rule, he takes as a basis for his amazing conversions models that were published in the magazine series “Autolegends of the USSR”. Alexey's creations often look so harmonious that one can only regret the lack of real prototypes for them. And if, say, a GAZ-13 Chaika with a pickup body could theoretically appear, becoming a Soviet analogue of the American Chevrolet El Camino and Ford Ranchero, then the Zaporozhets station wagon is meaningless due to its rear-engine layout, although such a modification looks very elegant! Alexey's models are distinguished by high attention to detail, including detailed and painted interiors, so looking at them is a pleasure.

ZAZ-966 "Shooting brake"

Moskvich-407 coupe

GAZ-13 Chaika pickup

Moskvich-407 pickup

GAZ-M12 ZIM coupe

GAZ-M12 ZIM coupe

Start pickup

Moskvich-424E Woody

Moskvich-424E Woody with Slumbercoach trailer

Moskvich-2140 Bolivar

Moskvich-416S Bolivar

Moskvich-410 Bolivar

Moskvich-407 Tourist

Moskvich-407 Tourist with trailer

Moskvich-407 roadster

Moskvich-407 “heel”

Moskvich-400 Bolivar

ZAZ-965 Shooting brake

ZAZ-965 four-door

ZAZ-965 roadster

ZAZ-965 pickup with trailer



GAZ-69 pickup

GAZ-24 pickup

GAZ-21 tow truck

GAZ-21 pickup

GAZ-21 fire pump

GAZ-21 North-3

GAZ-21 camper

GAZ-22 from the movie “Moon Dad”

GAZ-21 “heel”

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