10 rescued kittens sheltered a guy with their furry bodies (5 photos)

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12 September 2017

A very nice and unusual incident happened in the USA. 10 little kittens chose a human and covered him with their furry bodies!

A total of 11 kittens were rescued from the streets by Action Cat Team. 10 of them went to the home of animal rights activist Sheila for foster care.

“This is a combined litter of two cats. They received medical care and will soon go to their new owners,” Sheila said.

The kittens quickly settled into the home of the zookeeper and feel great. They all turned out to be very friendly, but what happened a few days later really surprised Sheila!

When her son Spencer came to visit, the kittens put on quite a show. All 10 fluffies climbed onto the guy and covered him with their bodies.

“It looked very unusual. As soon as he entered, the kittens rushed towards him and began to climb on him. Spencer was surprised, but very pleased, because he also loves animals,” says Sheila.

Spencer sat with the kittens for several hours. Having played enough, they fell asleep right on top of the young man! ))

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