Things from the USSR that we used (35 photos)

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11 April 2016

I suggest we remember the things from the USSR that we used and that surrounded us. Let's take a step back in time and remember some really wonderful things.

Sets for spices. My mother-in-law still has a few jars left. It's true that it's already a little rusty...

Electrical device for burning PATTERN-1. I first saw such a device in labor lessons. I loved the smell that came out when wood burning.

Meat grinder. This is one of the first manual meat grinders that we began to produce.

Children's plasticine. I still have this set at home, unfinished.

Cognac set. I always thought it was a set for drinking water. Something like a decanter. I wonder if anyone drank cognac from it?

Theater binoculars. I had exactly the same one. I didn’t understand at the time why the binoculars were so small and what theater was?

Soviet video recorder "Elektonika". It cost us a lot of money. Someone could buy a car, but for the same amount they bought a VCR. My aunt has one at home and it's in working order.

Volchok or Yula, I still don’t know what it’s called correctly. This is the first toy that immediately comes to mind from childhood.

Montana watch. It was a very fashionable watch with lots of melodies and lights. Montana is every boy's dream in the past.

Pulverizer. In every home cupboard and every hairdresser.

My first tape recorder Electronics. It was a gift from my father. I remember almost sleeping with this tape recorder.


High-grade teas - “bouquet”, “extra” and premium

And then the tea box turned into a box for storing buttons. My mother still has this box and keeps buttons there.

SOVIET INDIAN TEA WITH ELEPHANT There were several types of popular teas in the USSR, but Indian tea with elephant was the most famous and beloved. That is why it became one of the symbols of the Soviet Union.

Rubber ball. In the USSR they liked to churn out millions and monotonous things. I had exactly the same ball as a child and millions of other boys and girls.

The non-alcoholic soft drink "Buratino" is one of the most popular varieties of lemonade produced in the USSR. The highly carbonated, golden-colored drink was sold in glass bottles. The container with the drink itself was decorated with a label with Pinocchio.

PROCESSED CHEESE “FRIENDSHIP” Processed cheese “Druzhba” can rightfully be considered the main Soviet snack. The cheese was produced in foil with a company logo and was very popular in Soviet times. The product was made exclusively from natural ingredients.

The Smena-8m camera is a Soviet school camera produced in the USSR since 1970. The camera was very popular among residents of the Soviet Union, not only schoolchildren, but also adults. The camera was remembered by many for its body

Here's the ticket office on the bus. I liked that when you twist the handle so that a ticket comes out, the money goes into the coin acceptor along a rubber band.

Just looking at these things brings back only good memories. Nostalgia!

Soviet monpensier lollipops in tin boxes. I loved them very much as a child.

Plastic travel cup. We had 2 of these, my sister and I. I liked playing with them more than using them for their intended purpose.

Soviet-made juicer. Mom still makes juice at the dacha with this juicer. My dear works. Did you have one like this?

School pencil case.

The best watercolor paints.

Artistic oil paints.

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