Financial assistance to the site

We are a team that creates sites for people with interesting content with free access to it without shock ads.

Recently, paying for a whole fleet of servers and connecting to it is becoming more and more difficult, as the costs grow as the content increases, and the servers get old and with them the hard drives that store the data of all projects, and no matter how we wanted, came to the conclusion that we need your help. We are for a clean Internet and good sites for people.

We are against aggressive advertising, which many sites have switched to. Since we are opponents of advertising bets and casinos, we do not like to watch commercials for 30 seconds before an interesting video, which is often shorter than the advertisement itself, therefore, we kindly ask you to help us financially to pay for servers and the entire infrastructure in order to avoid such a fate.

If you are interested in our projects, and you do not feel sorry, please choose one of the proposed options to become not only a reader, but also a person who helped our projects.

Follow the Patreon link to get started help Nevsedom and related projects.

What do you get in return:

- The probability that the project will go down in history will approach a minimum
- VIP-account with a medal and complete disabling of advertising on sites for your account
- Administrator contacts

To understand what Patreon is and how it works.

Patreon — a website where creators of creative works (videos, photos, images, music) can distribute their works through a paid subscription or provide additional content to their subscribers, called "patrons"; (English patrons).