The author of the meme “What color is the dress?” went to jail for domestic violence (4 photos)

10 June 2024

Back in 2015, the entire Internet was divided into two camps. Some claimed that the dress was blue and black, others that the dress was white and gold. Eh, it was a good time.

But let's return to harsh reality. The author of this meme, which was the subject of heated debate, turned out to be a monster. The story began when the bride's mother, Cecilia Bleasdale, purchased the dress a week before their wedding in February 2015.

Bleasdale sent her daughter a photo of her outfit and asked her opinion about the dress, and that’s when the young people started arguing about what color the dress was. But, despite the disagreements, the wedding took place.

Well, the dress meme brought Kira and Grace Johnston fame in Britain, participation in a local talk show, a check for $10,000 and a trip to the Caribbean.

But the couple did not manage to live happily ever after. 38-year-old Cyrus systematically beat his wife for more than 10 years, attacking her with a knife and strangling her. He forbade the woman to communicate with relatives and friends, completely controlled her spending and forbade her to work.

In 2022, Grace finally decided to go for a job interview, but her husband didn’t appreciate it, he got drunk, tried to strangle his wife in front of witnesses, and when he was pulled aside, the man grabbed a knife and said that “someone is going to die.”

Grace Johnston was badly bruised and called police, telling the dispatcher, “My husband is trying to kill me.”

In short, Kira was detained, the investigation was carried out for a long time, and the details of the couple’s not entirely happy life became clear. The man pleaded guilty and on June 6 received a sentence of 4 years.

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