Great Wall presented a motorcycle with the world's first 8-cylinder boxer engine (4 photos)

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22 May 2024

The Chinese automaker Great Wall presented the first motorcycle of the new Souo brand at a specialized exhibition in Beijing. It became a large cruiser with a 2-liter 8-cylinder boxer engine. The developers call the motorcycle the first bike in the world with an engine of this type.

The dimensions of the Souo are 2660x950x1540 millimeters with a wheelbase of 1810 millimeters and a seat height of 740 millimeters. Thus, the new product turned out to be noticeably larger than the Honda Gold Wing, with which it competes in the same class and on the frame of which it is supposed to be based. Most likely, the changes are related to the need to fit a larger motor into the frame.

The opposed configuration was chosen to lower the center of gravity. The engine works with an eight-speed “robot” and a cardan transmission.

Unlike Gold Wing, Souo's appearance is made in retro style. The tourer debuted equipped with a comfortable rear seat and three luggage cases. No technical specifications other than dimensions have been announced yet.

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