From the beginning of summer, all tourists’ gadgets will be checked at the border in China (2 photos + 1 video)

16 May 2024

Chinese citizens returning to the country from foreign trips will also be subject to checks.

On April 26, China's Ministry of National Security announced new rules giving local law enforcement officials the authority to inspect electronic devices such as cellphones and computers of tourists arriving in China. These are the “Rules for administrative law enforcement in the field of security for state security agencies” and “Rules for the consideration of criminal cases by state security agencies.”

Officially, these innovations will come into force on July 1, but local media are already reporting that customs in Shenzhen and Shanghai have begun checking mobile phones and laptops of arriving passengers.

Ms. Jiang said that the above situation has recently occurred twice at Nanjing and Hangzhou airports. "It depends on what content is on your phone, what photos are there and what the content of those photos is. I cleaned my phone that day and deleted highly sensitive content and had no problems."

Another Shanghai resident surnamed Shao told reporters that when he recently returned to Shanghai from Japan, he also saw customs officers checking a man's mobile phone. "I saw a Chinese man who was stopped by customs, looked at his mobile phone and then released."

They are looking for prohibited materials, extremist and terrorist content.

Chinese legal scholar Lu Shenyuan noted that the national security provisions that will take effect on July 1 will easily cause people to feel fear.

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