A unique Heuliez Intruder car went under the hammer (22 photos)

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10 May 2024

At a private British auction at Bonhams, a unique hybrid of SLK and G-Class, built by the French in 1996, went under the hammer. The car, called the Heuliez Intruder, sold for $72,800.

Visually, the car, created by designer Marc Deschamps, resembles the first-generation Mercedes-Benz SLK roadster, which just went on sale in 1995. However, in reality, the cars do not have a single common body panel.

But the basis of the conceptual off-road two-door is a real Mercedes-Benz. As the chassis for the project, the French chose the G-Class in the G 320 version with a 3.2-liter 211-horsepower engine under the hood. The roadster retained not only the original engine, but also all the off-road capabilities of its progenitor, including a full set of locks and lowering. The ground clearance of the prototype due to the modified suspension and huge wheels is 305 mm.

The life of the concept was quite eventful. The show car was driven to various exhibitions for years, periodically changing its appearance with a new color. Thus, it is known for certain that the car was demonstrated in red, white and silver shades. In 2016, the Heuliez Intruder fell into the hands of the British company DK Engineering. Within the walls of the studio, the roadster underwent restoration, which, according to some sources, cost $300,000.

The lot was expected to fetch between $250,000 and $300,000, but the final bid was only $72,800.

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