In the jungles of Brazil lives a very rare lion monkey, which scares uninvited guests with its roar (4 photos)

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10 May 2024

If you like thick, lush red hair, then the lion monkey will definitely fall into your soul. The golden lion tamarin is an incredibly beautiful and soft monkey. Today their numbers are falling and amount to only 3,500 little faces. They were even listed in the Red Book as an endangered species. It’s sad, but a little more and the planet may completely lose these funny furry weirdos that look like a hairy tangerine.

The weight of the red creatures does not even reach a kilogram, and the length of the body is only 33 centimeters. Their body is short, but they have a healthy tail - about 85-90 centimeters in length! However, the animal turned out to be disproportionate!

The most hilarious thing about the characters in the story is their overly long feet and hands with very thin and elongated fingers. I wonder if you put a piano next to them, will the tamarin immediately run to play Chopin?

Where live

Lat. Leontopithecus rosalia, photo:

Furry tangerine monkeys live in the tropics of Brazil - in dense, mighty forests. Often, animals rest in trees all day long. You can hardly find them on the ground. The animals eat mainly fresh fruits and plants. Such vegetarians!

Regarding marriage, Brazilian Leos marry once and for all and live with their other half all their lives. It is interesting that when offspring are born, it is not the mother who takes care of the babies, but the father. Here you go! The mother only performs the role of a “dairy factory” for the production of fresh product, which she feeds her restless lion cubs. The rest of the worries and troubles fall on the shoulders of men! Not life for ladies, but a fairy tale!

How are tamarins similar to people?

It turns out that golden lion tamarins are very social companions. They gather in groups of 10 monkeys and interact like people. Even when the children grow up, they continue to take care of them. They look after each other, take care of each other, exchange treats and go with gifts to neighboring groups of animals. Just some kind of communism!

Photo source:

Many golden lion tamarins are known to live in national parks and zoos in order to increase their genus and never disappear from the planet. You can even see this furry red “miracle” at the Moscow Zoo.

How they behave

Red-haired monkeys or lion tamarins live in schools. Because of their suspiciousness and caution, lion monkeys often move from one place to another for the night. This is done in order to find a cozy refuge from enemies. In addition, despite their small size, these monkeys have learned to produce a loud and powerful cry, reminiscent of the roar of an African lion.

What Brazilian scientists did for tamarins

When it became clear that the number of tamarins was falling and was about to disappear as a species, the Brazilian authorities urgently began to think about how to solve the problem and stop the disappearance of the red cuties. The way out of the situation was a reintroduction program. What does reintroduction mean, you ask? This is the relocation of endangered animals to the territory where they originally lived, but after the invasion of civilization they were forced to leave it.

A loud roar scares away all the ill-wishers of the commune, photo:

This is a common practice. Moreover, this type of experiment involves not only wild animals, but also those raised in the zoo. As a result of the program, about 450 monkeys were returned back to their original habitat. Scientists biologists are confident that this method will definitely save and increase the number of lion tamarins on the planet. What nature can’t come up with!

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