A Chinese man married a silicone doll because he couldn’t handle anything else (7 photos)

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24 April 2024

And he never even kissed her (as he convinces), although hyper-realistic dolls the size of a person, you know why they are made. And the Mochi doll has everything for this purpose, but its owner Xie Tianrong does not need this. He is with her for love.

The features of a love doll, in the form of an exaggerated bust, are, of course, “on the face.”

The Great Hong Kong Love Story

This story has been going on for a very long time, probably already eight years, and a man from Hong Kong continues to post photos on his Facebook hugging a silicone doll. And this is still her, wow, what a thrifty owner! Not even worn out.

Xie Tianrong posts photos of his family life as a matter of principle, even if he may receive condemnation and insults. His goal is to show that this is how you can be happy, no matter what.

And this is his photo shoot from February 14 this year, and really - a real date in the French style

Why did he choose a doll instead of a woman, when this is more of a Japanese thing? Well, also Hong Kong, because life there is especially expensive, and housing is tiny. Well, exactly like in Japan, so it is logical that the “Japanese loneliness syndrome” began to penetrate into China from Hong Kong.

The man said that all his living girls wanted to get some benefit from him, but did not want to invest emotionally in him, they were more interested in their smartphones. And he doesn’t have enough money to constantly buy attention.

He is not afraid to go to a cafe with the doll, he says that people look at first, and then they get bored

It is obvious that he was not able to build a spiritually close relationship with a real person, but he really needs them. So I found such a surrogate, which I once accidentally saw in the window of an adult store.

The surrogate in the form of a doll, by the way, cost 10 thousand dollars. That’s why he walked past and sighed for a long time until he saved up enough to order one such hyper-realistic doll for himself via the Internet.

He has two passions: Asuka suits and golden silk robes

What is it like to fall in love with a thing?

And I never used it for its intended purpose. He hasn’t even kissed, he’s afraid that his saliva will erase her lips, ruin her paint, or darken her skin. He loves her too much as a companion to risk her like that.

Every evening he wipes the doll with a damp cloth, and also orders custom-made outfits for her. Most are outfits from various anime, one of his favorites is Asuka’s costume from the anime “Evangelion”.

Who wouldn't want their girlfriend to cosplay Asuka?

And this is also very strange, he is afraid to disturb her doll-like beauty even by an ounce. Most likely, his past girls were the same - with a doll-like appearance, expecting payment for their beauty and nothing more.

Inflated expectations for appearance and the inability to see the soul in another person (since he is not lonely with a silent doll) led him to one logical exit. Marry a beautiful object.

Sometimes he plays the saxophone for her and posts videos. By the way, he plays very well

On the other hand, he has not become a maniac and does not pursue beauties on the Internet. Therefore, thanks to the sex industry, which so harmlessly allows people with oddities to satisfy their desires and be happier.

The only thing Xie Tianrong is afraid of is that when he becomes very old, he will not be able to lift and wash his 20-kilogram doll. But I'm betting that in 20 years she'll turn gray or her hair will fall out and he'll stop loving her. Because she will no longer be such a doll.

When he doesn't have the strength to drag her to the park, he photoshops his photos of Asuka and writes that this is his wife

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